For forty years Consumer Protection Association has been the agency of choice for over two million low to Middle-Income individuals and families.

CPA helps it’s client base by:
· Taking a holistic approach to financial literacy
· Partnering with major financial institutions
· Building strong relationships with providers of basic services
· Offering life skills education and training, outreach, and counseling
· Serving as a mediator between individuals, families and service providers


Pre-discharge Bankruptcy Education Course

Consumer Protection Association is approved to issue certificates evidencing completion of a personal financial management instructional course in compliance with the bankruptcy code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of a provider’s services. Read more...

Money Management and Financial Counseling Services:

CPA is best known for its financial counseling services to people experiencing challenges in money management and have difficulties paying their bills on time.

Get Checking Program:
This program is designed for individuals who currently do not have a checking account with a financial institution. The Get Checking Program will give individuals the information they need to choose a financial institution and manage a checking account. With a checking account individuals will have the tools to manage their finances efficiently, conveniently, and reach their financial goals.

Education/Financial Literacy:
This program helps participants to improve money and credit management skills. Strategies used are classroom teaching and one-on-one counseling to help participants improve their financial management skills; acquire budgeting skills; establishing or re-establishing credit; and planning a household budget for the present and the future.

Consumer Complaints:
Consumer Protection Association responds to consumer complaints, both in person and through letters, follows up allegations of reported faulty merchandise, and protects the consumers from alleged consumer fraud perpetrated by goods or service providers.

Credit Report Review:
In this program, we help participants obtain copies of their credit report from all three credit bureaus. We also help them understand their credit report.

Information and Referrals:
CPA receives inquiries by phone regarding a variety of consumer issues. CPA refers clients to the Legal Aid Society and other "volunteer" attorneys when legal assistance is deemed necessary to resolve a particular problem, e.g. where bankruptcy, Chapter 13 or other legal procedures are indicated.

Representative Payee Programs:
In this program, we provide representative payee services to adults who are unable to protect their own interests. A budget plan is agreed upon by the counselor, the client's social worker, and the client, (when possible), to make sure that bills are paid on time after allocating weekly personal expenses to take care of the client's needs, and providing the client the possible necessary protection from abuse or neglect from others.

Emergency Assistance Fund:
CPA provides emergency assistance to help qualified applicants to access dollars through the Prevention, Retention, & Contingency Assistance fund from the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services.

Housing Counseling:
This program educates the participants about home mortgage and how to prevent foreclosure or eviction. Consumer Protection Association is certified by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to handle the resolution of mortgage payment defaults. We also provide pre-purchase counseling and information about rental properties and understanding landlord-tenant relationships.

Utility Bill Management:
We provide services that will allow consumers to negotiate reduced or graduated payment plans to area utility service providers such as Dominion East Ohio Gas Co., First Energy, Cleveland Public Power, and Cleveland Division of Water.

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